Tips to Choose A Long-Lasting Doormat for Your Building Exteriors

Tips to Choose A Long-Lasting Doormat for Your Building Exteriors

It is important to cover the entryway of any building be it residential or commercial with secure flooring options. Durable mats provide optimal protection apart from being aesthetically appealing. Exterior door mats should be of the right material to absorb dirt, debris, moisture, bacteria etc.

How to select the right exterior door mat?

Find the required size:

Start by finding out the right size required. The usual doormat dimensions for single doors are 18” * 30” and double-doors are 21” * 33” with some opting for bigger ones of 24” * 36”. When you are deciding the size of your doormat, take into consideration chairs, planters etc if any for which it would be better opting for a bigger size.

Look for reputable mat manufacturers:

If you are looking for good-quality mats online, check out the entry mat available at Ultimate Mats. They are one of the top manufacturers of mats and feature a wide collection of mats in several materials. These days’ manufacturers have been creative and introduced many bold, attractive mat designs.

After painstakingly designing your place you’d be apprehensive about purchasing a bland doormat but door mats don’t have to be boring. There are several eye-catching designs and colors to choose from making it easy to find a door mat that matches your building’s color palette.

Decide on the mat material:

Mats are available in a handful of materials. Every material has different set of pros and cons. Find out about each material and shortlist one according to your needs. The popular materials are:

  • Fully coir: Coir mats are made from coconut husk, are all-natural and bio-degradable. The golden tan color of the coir looks great when topped with colorful images. They are extremely durable making them well-suited for outdoors. It doesn’t absorb moisture and hence needs to be replaced by any other mat during rainy season.
  • Fully rubber: Rubber mats may not be that very visually appealing, but they are excellent in terms of durability and sturdiness. They are made from recycled old tires which accounts for its durable nature. It isn’t well-suited for exposure to high temperature and tends to crack.
  • Combination of coir and rubber: A blend of both these sturdy materials results in a water-proof and slip-resistance mats which are available in many visually appealing designs.
  • Synthetic rope: Synthetic rope mats are available in several variations depending on their weaves and styles. They are lightweight, soft to touch and flexible. They don’t protect us from trips and falls as the base keeps moving when we rub our foot onto it. The ones which weight more than 5 lbs are more durable.
  • Metal: Cast iron door mats are decorative. They have a rubber base so that they stay intact when we step on them. They are water-absorbent and last for years.

You can either choose a mat that suits your premises all year round to have a separate mat used according to weather conditions. Invest in a good-quality one that lasts long so that you don’t have to replace them often.