Create a Music Video by Pre-planning and Organizing Things Within a Budget

Create a Music Video by Pre-planning and Organizing Things Within a Budget

A professional music video requires a lot of effort. You will need a filmmaker, choreographer, videographer and good musical instruments. The challenge in making a music video is that the filming has to be catchy. The brightness, contrast, color combination, dress, or make-up, everything should be catchy. Above all, you may need a good background to enhance the beauty of music and film as well.

To make a classic and cool video the music maker has to plan out several things. A song is created by keeping in mind several factors. Let’s look into it closely –


Before deciding the background, hunt and look around for several locations. A pre-set-up location is good to avoid any extra brainstorming. You can also copy and compare old music videos prop and set up. It doesn’t matter if you make slight changes to it. Filming within budget is also a task.

Music Video Locations is a studio in Ft Lauderdale. They provide a complete package of equipment that is required to produce a high-quality music video. They provide many filming locations according to the needs of the filmmaker. They have different production sets like an interrogation room, green screen, hospital room, police office, prison set, classroom set, padded safe, luxurious lobby, graffiti stairs, nightclub, and mansion. They also have different lighting setups, models for music videos, and props for rental.

You can look around your friends’ and cousin’s houses to see if they have any open garage or basement that is spacious and not cluttered with the object. You can also consider your neighbor’s front yard or backyard, only if you have good relations with them. There may be few sources through them you can get an event hall, pub, etc.

Video in One Shot

It is not easy to make a music video in one shot. If you have different props, backgrounds, and lights to use, then you may need various cuts. However, when your video is made in one shot, it saves time of compiling cuts together, different camera tricks, and production. As a beginner, you should always start with a decent music video with just one or two props beside each other and try completing it in one shot. It may sound difficult, but little practice will make you perfect.

Visual Effects

This is one of the best ways of making a music video appealing. Music is all about fun. Therefore, even if you’re using dull background, your visual effects can take over. You can make a short film out of your video or use natural footage recorded at home. These are cool effects that stand out and also give a stylish effect.

Avail transportation to carry all your equipment to a different location. You may not realize it but while making a music video you need a camcorder, music video lighting, tripod, external microphone extra storage memory, a laptop, etc.

If you’re doubtful about your skills, then shoot with assistance. A second thought is always good to increase the morale support. Creating a music video doesn’t require a lot of money. You can achieve your dream within a budget.