Where Luxury Meets Nature – Explore the Wild and Marine Life in Maldives

Where Luxury Meets Nature – Explore the Wild and Marine Life in Maldives

Lined with a long stretch of white-sand beaches, Maldives is a paradise for nature and diving lovers. Divers are treated to views of incredible amount of marine life while nature and ship wrecks while photography and nature lovers are guaranteed to get mesmerized at the wildlife at Maldives.

Luxury accommodation to elevate your experience:

Maldives and luxury go hand in hand. When in Maldives, treat yourself to top-class accommodation services and enjoy your vacation in style. If you are looking for luxury resorts at manta feeding hotspot of Hanifaru Bay, check out Anantara Kilhavah Villa recommended by Zeldiva Luxury online platform who are the top resource for luxury resorts in Maldives. Plan your stay easily using their help.

Hot diving and snorkeling experiences in Maldives:

  • Hanifaru Bay: This Marine protected area isn’t any more open to diving but allopws snorkeling. Purchase tokens at Hanifaru Visitor Centre for 45 minutes of spectacular time underwater with manta rays and whale sharks accompanied by an instructor.
  • Dhigurah: The dynamic underwater world of Dhigurah can be enjoyed through diving and snorkeling. You get to see whale sharks (all year round), turtles, manta rays, reed sharks etc.
  • Addu Atoll: Divers who expect to find abundant of reef fish will be in for a disappointment but if their interest lies in witnessing ship wrecks, sharks, large manta rays and many other types of big fishes all-year-round, Addu Atoll works excellent.

Spot shipwrecks at:

  • Victory wreck at North Male Atoll: At a depth of 15 to 35 meters is the Singaporean cargo ship, Victory which ran aground on 13th February 1981. Today, it is encrusted with corals and is a famous diving site.
  • British Royalty Wreck at Addu Atoll: Situated at a depth of 16 to 33 meters, it was sunk during a battle at the end of World War 2. You can find over 500 varieties of fish here.
  • Khuda Maa at South Ari Atoll: This 52-meter-long Japanese vessel was purposely sunk during 1999. It is a popular area for whale shark spotting.

Exotic wildlife of Maldives:

Maldives is as underrated destination for wildlife tourism. Apart from wild-life tours, you get a glimpse of their wildlife during other highly-elevating experiences like when indulging in a spa with underwater views or when dining underwater. Look out for the following wildlife:

Fruit Bat: Fruit bats are a common sight in the resorts. They look like dark fruits hanging in trees and hence the name.

Lizards, skinks and Geckos: Maldives houses several rare reptile species with Gecko and garden lizard being the most common.

Turtles: Sea turtles like Leatherback turtle, Hawksbill turtle and Green turtle are found in abundance. If you want to see newly hatched turtles, visit Maldives between June and November.

Birds: Several bird varieties migrate from the Eurasian region. The common birds found here include House Crows, Mynas, Striated Herons, Pond Herons etc.

Whales and Dolphins: It is a delight to watch Dolphins playing around the water. Take a ride deeper into the Indian Ocean for witnessing spectacular sights.

Maldives promises a great experience for nature enthusiasts.