How to Get Your Music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tik Tok & more?

How to Get Your Music on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tik Tok & more?

If you are a music enthusiast and want to become a music sensation, then you have to start going to sell your music online. This is because online platforms are more appreciable than offline platforms. You don’t have to stand out in lines outside the music director’s office.

You can showcase your talent in the comfort of your home. Thanks to the music distribution companies who have made it a cakewalk to publish your music. They can be a boon to your talent. They will take care of all your sales work. So, that you can focus on your albums and music releases.

Uploading your music on online platforms

Consider the following suggestions to get your music on the most branded online platforms. You can use as many media platforms to publish your music. You can go limitless.

  • If you want to get your music on Spotify, then you have to go for selecting a perfect music distributor that can help you in the task. There many tried and trusted names present in the market. But there are some things you need to focus on. They are your budget, the number of releases you can do, whether you want to promote your music or just publishing will do?

These queries will help you decide on a perfect distributor for you. you may also need to open a Spotify artist account. You can do that by installing a Spotify program on your PC or Mac. Then you have to register and verify yourself. That’s approved.

  • If you want to get your music on Tik Tok, then it is not very difficult. You can either go for self-release if you have a good fan following or you can opt for as usual a third party that can handle your social media account. You will be able to handle hashtags and likes.
  • If you want to sell your music on Amazon, then you can also open an individual account on Amazon. That will become a hefty task. But, you can also opt for an easier option.

That is you can assign a music distributor to handle your sales. They will credit your earnings directly into your distributor’s account.

  • If you want to put your music on iTunes, then Musicdigi can help you in this case. Their website renders you feature such as real-time reporting, fast and easy distribution, and unlimited uploads. The payments will be done monthly. Besides, they also help you promote on Youtube.


The music industry has revolutionized the music platform. It has become supremely easy and fast to share your talents with the world. The right talent requires the right audience. You don’t need to play fake or buy any followers to earn name and fame.

It is also important that once you have started you need to grow consistently. So, that your followers don’t forget your name.   you will have the opportunity to engage your audience for a long time.