Guidelines to Use and Take Care of Wooden Hot Tub

Guidelines to Use and Take Care of Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tub has been all time favourite of every person during winter climate. Everybody wants to enjoy hot spa bath to warm their body and to enjoy the freshness after using the wooden hot tub. Wooden hot tub is a traditional hot tub that uses good quality wood. In early decades, the tubs weren’t installed with burning stove or other heating appliance. In modern times, the tubs are fixed with heaters to provide hot water to fill the tub. They are available in various sizes and makes, thus you can choose the most preferred among them for your hot spa merriment.

The wooden hot tub buyers need to visit reliable online stores where they get to see and order the most beneficial good quality tubs at affordable price. One stop online shop for wooden hot tubs is R G Hot Tubs. Now, after purchasing and installing, many people remain confused to apply the right ways to use it beneficially.

Here are the hints:

  • Usage purpose.
    • Firstly, the tub is designed to place in outer space of your home.
    • You can use it to enjoy good steaming bath in winter and cold bath in sunny days.
    • It acts like a mini pool, thus can enjoy bath with your kids in free hours.
  • Maintenance of the tub:
    • The tub needs to be cleaned after usage. Many prefer to clean it when the water seems to change colour.
    • The water needs to be drained out completely only when it is cool. The surface needs to be scrubbed and mopped dry to prevent mould formation.
    • You can apply linseed oil or wood glace to maintain the quality of wood. It will be beneficial if cleaned using organic cleaning liquid instead of chemical cleansers.
    • The straps can be adjusted every month to prevent any damage to the tub.
    • Keep the hot tub in a place where the water doesn’t stagnant beneath it.
    • Seasonal users prefer to keep the tub on a platform having plumbing system to drain the water flooding from the tub while cleaning it.
  • Assembling:
    • Most of the wooden tubs are available fully assembled. You just need to adjust the assembly sets as accordance to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. You can even watch the video tutorials posted by makers of bath tubs. You need simple tools to screw all the parts together.
  • Tips to use:
    • Fill the water in tub using hose pipe. You can heat the stove when the water is above 3cm in the tub.
    • While empting the water make sure it is cool that indicates the heater has cooled down. You need to empty ash, tar and other unwanted substances regularly.
    • The water in the tub needs to be fully removed in winter.
    • It is better to use driest wood to heat the tub stove. It will produce less smoke and formation of ash and tar reduces.

Owning a hot wooden bath tub is a real pleasure as it promotes convenient way to enjoy your weekends under the sky while splashing water with your loved ones.