Remarkable Advantages of VPS Managed Hosting Services

Remarkable Advantages of VPS Managed Hosting Services

The majority of website owners choose a shared web hosting plan when they start. Over time their site demands growth and there is a need for more features and resources. Now, they require a more potent hosting option. VPS or virtual private server is a great option between shared and dedicated hosting arrangement, where your website will function on its private server.

Shared hosting resembles residing in an apartment. It is furnished and cheap, you move in. The downside is you share the facility among many other people. In case you host a huge party then you need to discuss the needs with your building management. A dedicated server resembles your own home with lots of area surrounding it. Every resource in the home is solely for your use. There is no botheration from neighbors even if there is a massive party thrown.

VPS is a blend of a shared and dedicated server. It is larger than an apartment but certain services on the property are shared. However, it is easy to host a huge party. If you want to buy hosting online then consider MonoVM. They offer VMWare ESXi hypervisors accommodated on 1st class hardware capable to handle several virtual machines. Customers can enjoy high quality and fast service from Monovm.

VPS hosting is subcategorized into –

  1. Managed
  2. Unmanaged

In managed VPS hosting the provider is responsible for installation and up-gradation of software, server maintenance, technical support, and security checks. All the major backend tasks are the provider’s prerogative. Website owners with less server configuration knowledge and technical troubleshooting skills will find this the best solution. It takes a lot of burden away and website owners can focus on other crucial business activities.

Remarkable advantages of managed hosting

  • Improves reliability – VPS works on independent servers and each server has resources allotted. The provider ensures that the VPS server is well-equipped in dealing with high traffic without surrendering to loads. Thus, high server availability enhances uptime score.
  • Enhanced security – Website owners are concerned about cyberattacks, which are increasing. Therefore, security is a major aspect that worries site owners. The shared server has one IP address, so security compromise on one website will impact other sites on that server. Alternatively, VPS has a unique IP address so some other websites’ security compromise will not impact your site. For iron-clad security, the hosting provider ensures to update security patches regularly.
  • Great control – You gain total server access. You enjoy installing your preferred operating system and software. You may need technical knowledge but with VPS-managed hosting the key responsibilities can be handed to the hosting service provider. The ultimate server control belongs to the customer.
  • Boosted performance – The managed VPS plan includes a server with optimum functions because all the resources are solely for your website. Therefore, the server performance does not get hindered and the website’s page loading speed stays optimized. Site speed is a crucial algorithm because it affects user experience, which in turn impacts search result ranking. With dedicated resources, the speed of your site does not struggle with downtime and Google rewards your website with top ranking.
  • Dedicated customer support – Managed VPS plan ensures committed tech support. You may even have a dedicated technician to take care of your needs.

Managed VPS hosting offers great flexibility!