Do You Want To Make Beard Oil In Your Home In an Inexpensive Way?

Do You Want To Make Beard Oil In Your Home In an Inexpensive Way?

Many of you these days like to sport a beard, however, it is equally important that they appear to be attractive and match your personality too. For proper maintenance of beard, you must apply suitable oil that should be an important part of your beard grooming kit.

Normally, most of you may be buying them from the market and quite possibly you may find them quite expensive too. Why not consider preparing a homemade beard oil for you and get proper recipe for that.

How can CBD help your beard?

You can easily comprar CBD online from Just CBD Store. If you buy CBD oil then it will contain lipids and antioxidants, which are great for nourishing your skin and also can reinforce your weak hair and help in encouraging healthy hair growth.

As a result, you will end up having a fuller and more luscious beard. Due to incredible hydrating benefits, the CBD beard oil will reduce irritation, redness, and also itchiness from shaving or grooming of your beard, and create healthy and happy skin.

Whether you are going to start growing your beard or sporting your full-grown beard for many years, it will be necessary that you must consider certain homemade beard oil.

By creating your beard oil, you can have control over the ingredients that go into it. Also, you can experiment with many different oils and scents that you use and include a few ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and hair too.

Make your own CBD beard oil

For helping you to get started with the preparation of your facial hair that will make your beard appear and feel the best, here we have designed a kind of recipe for CBD Beard Oil that you can easily use on your manly beards or you can also decide to present as a gift to any of your special friend, who may be a bearded man in your life.

With the following recipe, you can make beard oil of about one fl oz.

What you will need

The following is the list of materials needed to prepare your homemade beard oil.

  • Jojoba oil – 5 teaspoons
  • Sandalwood essential oil – 30 drops
  • Black pepper essential oil – 10 drops
  • CBD oil of extra strength – 2 droppers (100 mg)
  • Dropper bottle – 1 oz


  • Try to combine all the above ingredients and then shake to incorporate within a one oz dropper bottle
  • To obtain the best results, you must apply 3 to 5 drops of your beard oil after taking a shower bath or cleansing your face to get immediate nourishment.
  • Massage the beard oil that you made into your face and beard by starting from your follicles and then moving through your ends of the beard.

Please note that you must always use a certain dark-colored, amber bottle, which comes with a certain dropper, and then store it away from sunlight so that the beard oil may not get affected.