Contradicting Various Myths about CBD Oil to Remove Negativity Around the World

Contradicting Various Myths about CBD Oil to Remove Negativity Around the World

Today the whole world understands that CBD has natural medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It helps during stress, anxiety, depression, after-effects of chemotherapy, epilepsy, PTSD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, joint pain, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. With so many benefits CBD has taken the major market and now it is found in the form of edible capsules oil topical, to consume conveniently.

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Even though CBD oil is gaining popularity, many people still have a negative impression of this compound. Today, we will help in clarifying few misconceptions.

Myths About CBD Oil

All Products Belonging to Marijuana Group are Illegal Drugs

Many people think that weed, THC, Cannabis oil are drugs because they have entourage effects. This is too confusing because what we are talking about is cannabidiol and not cannabis. Cannabis oil, weed oil, and THC oil are three different names for one product, made from a weed plant that contains THC and little amount of cannabidiol.

It is THC present in the weed plant that contains psychoactive effects and not cannabidiol because CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. However, some CBD products that contain 0.3% THC still it doesn’t make a person high.

CBD Oil is Extracted from Weed Plant

Weed plants contain more THC and a small amount of CBD, so it is difficult to extract a good quantity of CBD oil from weed plants.  However, hemp plant like Cannabis Sativa has a good quantity of cannabinoids and it is easy to extract a larger amount of CBD oil from the resin glands of the flower of the plant.

Thus, CBD products extracted from the hemp plant are safe because it contains less of THC but products made from weed plants contain more of THC and they are unsafe.

All CBD Oils are Similar

This is the biggest myth that I have ever come across. Every product has different variations whether it is a cold drink, soap, vegetable, or oil.  The purest form of CBD oil that contains no terpene, THC, flavonoids, or cannabinoids is called CBD Isolate. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD, a small number of terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids but no THC at all.

Lastly, full-spectrum CBD oil contains little amount of terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and THC along with CBD oil. All these three forms of CBD oil are used to make different products.  People consume according to their preferences.

CBD is Addictive

People think that CBD belongs to the Cannabis plant which is a part of the marijuana group, so it is an illegal drug which means it is addictive.  However, the fact is, CBD is derived from the hemp plant but does not contain any THC which leaves a psychoactive effect similar to other drugs. Therefore, CBD is not addictive.

The confusion and misleading statements regarding Cannabis are buzzing all around the world. We hope very soon, people will understand more benefit of cannabidiol and will embrace it with confidence.